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Play along with me here... Don't you wish all the games on my website were just like the Evolution of Trust game that teaches the basics of prisoner game theory. Awesome, right? Many of the online financial games that I found are written in http not https so my website platform will not allow them for security reasons. ;(

But you can check these out!

Try this cool Break The Bank game from Biz Kids

You need to register for an account for this one but it's worth it! ComLabGames

Ditto for Wolfram demos. But they are so cool, don't miss 'em!


 If you would like to design an interactive game such as the Evolution of Trust game, please contact me. I believe that this style of interactive learning is the very best way to get teens excited about the theories of economics— a favorite subject of mine.


Hover over the drop down menu to choose your games. Come back again soon. I change them often! Happy gaming!