Hi. My name is Olivia Hare. I'm a California high school student who believes in nothing less than the power of youth to change the world. So I founded On The Nose Finance, an international educational project aimed at increasing financial literacy for teens. My goal is to learn everything I can about law and finance in order to make the world a better place. Want to join me? FINANCIAL LITERACY is the way of the future.




Elephants are one of the most physically powerful animals

in the world and at the same time one of the most helpless. They're a symbol of stability and tenacity and yet so gentle

and kind. I am motivated by the elephant in my desire to help teens achieve financial stability and to use their resources for good. I believe every financial tool we understand, every dollar we raise, every socially conscious investment we make adds up to changing the world for good. And maybe along the way we can save some elephants. Let's try with IMPACT INVESTING!


Like my grandmother always said, there's a right way and a wrong way to do something.  Once you learn the basics of financial investing you'll understand that the choices you make really do make a difference. Impact Investing is a term for choosing your investments and financial strategies with an eye on the environment and humanity. Whenever you deposit a dollar in a bank or financial fund take a minute to check on the company prospectus. Are they doing the right thing? Are you? Financial knowledge is powerful. Learning to do the right thing is, too.


​If you spend time with me at ON THE NOSE FINANCE,  you'll learn some things that will launch you into a financially stable future achieved the right way. Since I was young I've wanted to do the right thing. I believe too many people in our society have lost track of what that means—especially when it comes to money. Most days you'll find me searching the internet for financial games to play, videos or other ways I can learn about economics and the financial sector. Oh, and dreaming about elephants. I hope you like all the educational resources you'll find on my site. Let me know!


There are many ways to change the world. When I was in middle school I founded a non-profit organization

called ALL FALL DOWN HARVEST ( allfalldownharvest.org). Its goal was to help feed less fortunate members of my community with fruit that I picked from neighborhood trees. This "gleaning" project brings together community partners such as food banks and senior centers so the fruit from these yard trees is not wasted. If you want to learn more about it check out my website.