Financial Knowledge is powerful.

I've curated a collection of economics and finance-themed projects, games, videos, webinars and news articles from educational and business platforms across the internet. On The Nose Finance was founded with the belief that it's critical for teens to increase our knowledge of financial concepts to provide opportunity and  financial stability in this era of rising income inequality.  Economics is political.

Financial literacy for teens and young adults is important. It's a complicated world. No one teaches us about interest rates and finance charges and student loans. Ethics and integrity are more important now than ever. My goal with On the Nose Finance is to share my knowledge of financial practices, skills and tools so we can all use our resources for good. Together we can change the world. 

Ever played a game about game theory? Want to learn more and really understand the stock market? Or maybe you just want to know how to write a check or calculate your monthly budget. On this website I share financial tools from a variety of educational and investment sources to give everyone a chance at a life of financial security and abundance. Do it for yourself. Do it for the elephants.

On The Nose  FInance was inspired by a passion for sharing what I know about finance and economics.

I also wanted to learn more about subjects like IMPACT INVESTING. This project is also my way of trying to protect the elephant population. If you believe that's important, please consider supporting our favorite charity, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering imperiled elephants.